Please Teacher! Mizuho Kazami statue

by Jon

Mizuho Kazama from the Please Teacher anime

Mizuho Kazama statue on a desk

Mizuho Kazami is a character from Please Teacher!, a Japanese anime series, which was turned into a manga as well. Please Teacher! is a romantic comedy mixed in with science fiction that revolves around a group of close friends in high school and portrays some of interesting and bizarre things that happen to them when they get a new teacher, Mizuho Kazami.

Kazami was first seen by Kei, a young boy who plays the lead character in the series. Kei watches Kazami materialize in the shores of a lake he’s contemplating as this sexy alien with human like form appears in front of him. Kazami was sent to monitor planet Earth and to prevent the human race to make any mistake that could harm their development as a race and of the planet.

Kazami on a desk is big, she’s a 15 3/4 inches PVC statue, sitting on her desk. Her stockings are made from real lace and you can remove her clothes altogether to take a closer look at her.

Please Teacher! Mizuho Kazami on desk statue
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Mizuho Kazami statue

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