Psylocke comiquette

by Jon

Psylocke Sideshow Comiquette statue

Psylocke Sideshow Comiquette

Psylocke Comiquette

Sideshow’s May 14th newsletter product is the Psylocke Comiquette.

I’ve seen Psylocke depicted in a number of different ways. The first was back in the 90s in the Jim Lee days. I loved the way he drew X-Men and specially Psylocke and other x-babes. Psylocke has an interesting outfit and Jim took great advantage out it.

I’m not that much of a fan for Jim Lee anymore, maybe because of all of the copy cats that at the time found his style great and started copying him and it went mainstream too much. Or maybe my taste in art, realism and comics has just evolved.

Anyway, this is a Mark Brooks Psylocke and her face is looking pretty damn good. It’s some kind of mix between sad, surprised and suspicious. Great face. The exclusive version is probably a print as is usual with Sideshow.

Click here and check her out:

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  • len

    WAAAAAAY too expensive for waht it is. Especially in comparison to the other comiquettes in the line, and the premium format statues that Sideshow has put out recently. Dagger cost only 175, Scarlet Witch cost 220, why should this cost 270? Thats too great a price increase. Great statue, but too costly.

  • action figures

    Yeah they have upped the price a bit on this one. I agree on being a great statue, maybe they think it's great enough to charge premium, can't say I disagree entirely with them. There are cheaper alternatives like you said, just not Psylocke.

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