Pullip Eos Doll

by Jon

Pullip Eos 12-inch doll

Pullip Eos doll

This cute little doll is named Pullip, and here she’s appearing as Eos, an enigmatic character with a mysterious background.

Her white hair is due to a long lost event that happened in her childhood, from which she doesn’t remember any concise details.

Her quest is therefore searching for answers long forgotten, including her previous life.

Pullip Eos is 12-inches tall and has a particular feature, her big eyes can wink and look from side to side.

She also has some moderate degree of articulation for displaying her in quite a few different poses and wears pretty detailed clothing:

She wears unique and stylized clothing that includes a hat, blouse, corset, tie, pants, leg warmers, garter belt, boots, gloves, and protector. Among her metal-like accessories are mechanical wings, goggles, and a light-beam gun. A stick and doll stand are also included. Eos is a limited edition of 2,000 pieces that stands about 12-inches tall in a displayable window box and comes with a serial-number certificate. Add her to your collection, and join her in her journey!

By the way you may be interested to know, if you don’t already, Pullip in Korean means “Young Leaf”. I thought that was cool.

Pullip was created by Cheonsang Cheonha, a Korean toy company and is currently being distributed in Japan by Jun Planning. This is a limited 2000 run edition of these dolls, and along with everything else listed, she also has makeup, a trading card, a stand and a small biography about her. Click below for more information.

Pullip Eos Doll 12-inch
click below and check her out
Pullip Eos 12 inch doll limited run

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