SEGA and Tomy to bring Sonic figures to Europe

by Jon

Sonic the Hedgehog figures will be released by Tomy, a UK company that has agreements with Jazwares and Sega. The deal will consist in releasing current Sonic figures and develop new (and more) Sonic merchandise. From February 2010 onwards, Tomy will be releasing current Sonic figures throughout Europe, and from the Spring of 2011 forward, it will have access to the massive Sega’s catalog of the most famous Hedgehog in the world, to start producing their own line. There are supposedly 6 and 7 inch versions, the 6 inches will have 25 points of articulation.

Below, it kind of looks like Sonic is the only original with the other ones being re-paints but I may be wrong here. I commented about this in the original post, and by the way I hope there’s a Super Knuckles coming as well:

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