Shrek Forever After Roto Plush Set

by Jon

Shrek Forever After talking roto plush

Shrek Forever After plush

Shrek Forever After talking plushes

With this summer’s anticipated release of Shrek Forever After, Shrek fans can get a hold of Shrek in plush version. And they talk. That’s right, it’s a talking plush, you just need to squeeze their bellies. Everyone of them talk.

I don’t know exactly the phrases and words they say but I know they all have their saying: Shrek, Donkey, Puss and Gingy. They also come with rotomolded arms, heads and legs. They all stand at around 6 inches.

The case of plushes in the image contain 6 plushes, 4 Shrek and 2 Donkey. Others may vary with the other figures. Check them out here:

Also check one of the trailers of Shrek Forever After below.

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