Small toy car runs on sugar (video) – the Ene Pocket

by Jon

A Japanese toy maker, Takara Tomy has released a small car controlled by radio with a Sony battery that runs on sugar from sodas and the likes. It’s currently still a prototype as it’s being developed and it’s called “Ene Pocket”. ENE is an abbreviation of Entertainment New Energy, and the Ene Pocket is just one of the several “green” toys that Takara Tomy is developing. The car relies on the bio-battery to work and its efficiency depends on what kind of sugar is put in.

According to tests, grape juice stands first in line as the best kind of sugar the battery can take in form of the liquid of the juice. It can also run on any other fruit drinks or popular sodas like Coke, Seven Up and Sprite (a testament to how much sugar that stuff has).

The bio-battery is being developed by Sony and has had its performance increased over the last 18 months as, over time, as new technology fueled better development, the battery has been doubled its original power generation. The way the bio-battery generates power (electricty) from the drinks that contain the sugar is a process that is pretty much explained in the same way our body breaks down sugar, by using the enzymes to break down the carbohydrate (sugar) and to produce energy from it. The bio-battery is still being developed and it’s not available in stores or any other place.

This is a great step in demonstrating people (especially kids) alternative sources of energy. Read more about it here:

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