Smallest remote control bike – MotoFrenzy

by Jon

To rival Mattel Hot Wheels new series, Stealth Rides, which I posted a couple of days back, a toymaker company, Spin Master, is going to release the world’s smallest remote-control motorbike and they’re going to announce at the Toy Fair in New York (February 2010).

They call it “MotoFrenzy”. Measurements are 3-1/4 inches in length and 2-1/4 inches in height. This remote control bike follows along the Stealth Rides in being different than most of the products in the remote control toy niche, as they are usually big, clumsy, and more expensive compared to non remote toys. Both MotoFrenzy from Spin Master and Stealth Rides, from Mattel are going to be announced at the Toy Fair and will both cost $25.

According to Harold Chizick, Spin Master’s Vice President, “it can ride any terrain, and do jumps and turns, but the coolest innovation is the technology in it that allows the bike to do sharp turns without losing its balance”. According to him, you can also get the bike to do ‘wheelies’, or balance and drive on one wheel”.

This company also has another product coming up called the Air Hogs Vectron Wave. It’s a remote control UFO without the remote control. Eh? Anyway, you should go and read the article for more information:

Funny fact
There is an old 1992 Atari game called Moto Frenzy (pic heavy):

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