Smallville Impulse action figure

by Jon

Smallville Impulse action figure

Smallville Impulse action figure

Impulse action figure is a DC Direct figure from Smallville, the TV show about the origins of Super Man. Impulse is Bart Allen in real life in the Smallville community.

Sounds familiar? Yeah, Barry Allen and Wally West are names of guys who played Flash. Confused? Just search in Wikipedia for “Bart Allen (Impulse)” and you’ll see there’s a list of people he’s related to (aunt, cousin), man that is confusing.

Impulse joins Green Arrow, Aquaman and Cyborg and have a go at stopping Lex Luthor’s secret lab at LuthorCorp.

Impulse is captured by Lex and Superboy (man?) Clark Kent goes in to rescue Impulse but is stopped by meteor rock. See the series, I know I need some catching up to understand how all these young superdudes show up in a small… ville.

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