Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Bookends

by Jon

Jabba’s Palace Bookends

Star Wars Jabbas Palace Bookends

Star Wars Jabbas Palace Bookends

This statue bookend shows the scene from Star Wars where Princess Leia is attempting to save Han Solo, who got stuck frozen in carbonite and is being kept in Jabba’s trophy room in his palace. The other side of the bookend features Boba Fett, a Gammorean Guard and a Tauntaun head.

These bookends are polystone statues made by Gentle Giant. They’re 9-inches tall x 14-inches wide x 6 1/2-inches long and they can hold basically your Star Wars books or DVDs or what have you. According to EE, this is a limited run (I don’t know how many they’re selling though) and is hand numbered for what it’s worth.

It’s a bit expensive at first but since you’re kind of getting 3 individual statues along with 2 bookends that might come in useful… I don’t know it’s your call, buy it if you’re into it, I think they’re good value:

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