StarCraft II action figures from DC Unlimited

by Jon

Starcraft II cinematic picture

Starcraft II cinematic picture (no action figures for you yet)

At Toy Fair 2010 in New York, DC Unlimited has been showing their upcoming Starcraft II action figures. If you’ve lived in a hole for most of your life and need me to explain what Starcraft is, it’s a real time strategy game that has made some serious fans and addicts all over the world. In Korea there is a whole dedicated national team just to play and get better at the game and they even sport Starcraft events.

Some players play professionally and daily for hours on end (you wouldn’t need to pay me for that, but hey, who would write here for your pleasure, my dear reader, this isn’t a hands off blog). With the release of Starcraft 2 I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going to happen, not just in Korea, but worldwide. I’m welcoming the game but I won’t lose my sleep over it.

Starcraft II action figures were being displayed at the fair but photos weren’t allowed. If I was there I would rather process the images through my eyes and store them on my cheeks for future comsumption.

Starcraft figures displayed included a Protoss, a Space Marine and a Terran Soldier. There is no scheduled release date or price.

DC Direct is also announcing other action figures based on games like their World of Warcraft action figures line, of which I posted the Lich King action figure, and a second wave of Mass Effect 2 action figures (with the first wave being released in August). The second wave will have four action figures: Garrus, Legion, Miranda and Mordin.

By the way I’ve posted the first wave of Mass Effect 2 action figures previously as well. Don’t you just love I’m on top of things? Things I tell ya! Things!

Also don’t forget to check the news at big download:

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