Star Wars action figure collecting

by Jon

Star Wars young Jedi boy

Star Wars young Jedi

Collecting Star Wars Action Figures

One of the most popular movies of all time is Star Wars, and not only are the movies incredibly popular, there are also loads of awesome collectibles, such as figures, that have been marketed over the last 30-odd years. From the original Luke and Leah 12-inch action figures from Kenner to the really cool Lego Star Wars building sets, collectors who are into Star WCars will never be at a loss for things to collect.

Entire volumes can be written about collecting Star Wars memorabilia, so for the sake of time and space, we’ll keep this article about action figures, and there are all kinds of them out there. In fact, there are so many different action figures and figurines from the Star Wars movies that many collectors often find themselves devoting their collections to different variations of a single character. After all, a person could spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to collect every single Star Wars figure ever made.

Which Era is Your Favorite?
Basically, there are three main eras that Star Wars figures can fall into: vintage, neo-classic and prequel. Each era is popular with collectors, and there are many collectors who like to have figures from all three eras. Others stick to a specific era, either because it is what they like, or they just can’t afford to have everything, even though they may want all of the figures they can get their hands on.

Vintage – These Star Wars action figures are those from 1977 to 1989 that represented characters from the original trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi). Figures from the Power of the Force collection (Droids and Ewoks cartoons) are also part of the vintage category. Many of the action figures from this Star Wars era are extremely hard to come by, and can bring in a high price, even if they aren’t in their original boxes, or come with their original accessories. Some of the most highly sought-after vintage Star Wars action figures include: any of the Kenner 12-inch figures, which mint in box can sell for upwards of $4,000; Jawa figures, which can sell for $3,000; and one of the rarest and most-wanted figures from the vintage Star Wars collection, Vlix, which can go for as much as $6,500.

Neo-Classic – These figures are the same characters as the vintage ones, but they were created in different poses from the originals. The neo-classic Star Wars figures cover the years from 1990 to 2002, and also include the figures from the Shadow of the Empire and Power of the Jedi lines. The highly collectible action figures from the neo-classic era include: The Power of the Force 2 (1995-2000), the Shadow of the Empire (1996-2000) and Power of the Jedi (2000-2002)

Prequel – These Star Wars action figures are from 2002 to present. There are more action figures in the prequel collections than in any of the other eras of Star Wars collectibles, including the original Star Wars trilogy, Episodes 1, 2 and 3, which features action figures from the Revenge of the Sith and Clone Wars. Because these figures are newer, they are usually pretty easy to get, so they are a great place for new collectors to start. Some of the popular figures from this era include the Darth Vader collectible helmet, Clone Commander Cody, and Darth Maul.

No matter what type of Star Wars action figures you decide to collect, you are bound to have a really great time with your collection. It’s a real blast when you find that elusive figure you’ve been looking for, and even more fun to add it to your growing collection.

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  • Caroline Zhou

    Star Wars is one of  these movies which i really appreciate. Several days ago i just collected some cartoon from some person’s blog. All of those cartoons are so lovely. I even find the action figure of a stormtrooper. It is about 14cm tall. So cute. Anyway, i will keep on collecting action figures of the Star Wars.

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