Street Fighter II Blanka polystone bust

by Jon

Street Fighter II Blanka polystone bust from Pop Culture Shock

Street Fighter II Blanka polystone bust

Blanka gets his own polystone bust, courtesy of the Pop Culture Shock guys.

Blanka’s polystone bust is an accurate representation of Blanka when he first appeared in the Street Fighter series, specifically Street Fighter II. It was an arcade game and then later it was ported over to the Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive and so on as you may know.

In Street Fighter II, when you finished the game as Blanka, he reunites with Samantha, his mother. She recognizes him by the anklet Blanka is wearing.

At this point she tells the story of how Blanka was previously a boy named Jimmy, her son, and that a plane crash caused him to be raised in the wild jungles of Brazil and which caused them to be separated from each other.

Blanka’s electrical powers are explained by the events that led to the plane crash. At the time there was an intense electrical storm and it was from the electric eels he learned how to gather and control his electrical ability.

Doesn’t explain why he’s green though. By the way check the other bust sideshow is releasing on the same week, Spider-man legendary scale bust

Blanka polystone bust
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Blanka poly bust

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