Study shows adolescence ends at age 28

by Jon

Sean Harvey adolescence doesnt end until age 28

When does adolescence end? Australian study says age 28

You would think when people say teenager they think about kids with thirTEEN years old. Well, according to a study from our mates in Australia, adolescence can go up to age 28 (previous determined age for it was 21).

The case study in the article shows an “adolescent”, Sean Harvey, 25 years old. Sean has his own job and lives in his own apartment and he collects action figures. He took his action figures with him on a trip to the Cayman islands with his family.

“Sometimes for people it can be jarring because I most often have an action figure on me,” Said Sean. “right now it’s in the car, but I’ll out to dinner and bring one to just put in my pocket and if I get bored, just kind of hang on to it.”

According to a Texan psychiatrist, adolescence lasting longer could be a result of parenting, and modern times.

“The expectations of society changes in the way parents manage.” Said Dr. Naus. “Parenting changes and I think that is why adults, we call them children but they are adults, seem to be prolonging that stage of life.”

Sean is aware of “his” phenomenon and says he doesn’t think anyone wants to grow up, maybe that’s why he’s still breaking out:

“So I guess I would have to take words of advice from Tom McGraw and collect like I was dying.” Sean said.

Sean’s sister also has a word or two about his brother.

“When I visit his apartment it’s the worst.” Said Deirdre. “Instead of seeing candles on the mantle piece, I see giant figures of Captain America and Batman on the mantle, it’s kind of like — oh.”

Sean likes hanging out at Zeus Comics, a Dallas comic book store. Richard Neal, the owner, states that there a lot of adults visiting and buying stuff in his store that never really seem to grow up.

How about you, are you still in adolescence?,0,641609.story

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