Thanos and Mistress Death diorama

by Jon

Thanos and Mistress Death sideshow diorama

Thanos and Mistress Death dio

Thanos and Mistress Death

Thanos and Mistress Death as a sideshow diorama is probably going to impress some people. If I recall correctly, wasn’t Mistress Death just an ugly skeleton inside the purple robe?

This dio could be interesting. I’m not digging Thanos smile. I’m not sure if he’s suffering or enjoying it. Maybe both, but the expression on his face could be a little better, it doesn’t quite feel right. And the distance from his head to the right shoulder seems a bit off, have you noticed it? It’s a big gap when compared with the right shoulder distance but then again, it’s probably just the angle, I’m sure sideshow wouldn’t screw it up this badly. Besides, Thanos is ridiculously buffed up so that may add to the perspective.

The gauntlet and the gesture of his hand and fingers are pretty good, I like it. I hope there’s some kind of light up in that gauntlet, it would be great.

Check Thanos and Death:

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