The Nightmare Before Christmas statues

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Nightmare Before Christmas Statue Set

Nightmare Before Christmas statues: Jack, Sally, Mayor and Vampire

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop motion animation film from 1993 produced and written by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick. The film is about a character named Jack Skellington who lives in Halloween Town and managed to create a portal to Christmas Town. The movie was reasonably successful financially and well received by the public over the years, and since 2006 Disney has re-released the movie every year as part of their Disney Digital 3-D format. Disney wanted to make a sequel out of The Nightmare Before Christmas but Tim Burton said no, because he wanted to protect the purity of the movie. Wow… I’m impressed, some common sense on this guy, this is one of the great works of his life, while Disney is only thinking about money.

This Nightmare Before Christmas statues set is from 2004 and honors Tim Burton’s characters in the film. This statue set is exclusive only to the stores that are allowed to sell them and is a limited run of 300 pieces. EE just so happens to sell them, I don’t know if there are others who sell them as well but they should be all the same price.

The statues in Nightmare Before Christmas are Jack Skellington, Sally, Mayor and Vampire.

Jack is a 12-inch hand painted statue with graveyard display base, pumpkins and Zero. Sally is 10 inches. Her graveyard base can attach to Jack’s base. She also has a black cat and her nightshade. The Mayor is 7 inches tall and has a 16-inch base that can rotate 180 degrees to show his other face as well (since he has 2 faces). Last but not least, the Vampire is an 8 inch resin statue, comes included with a parasol and a 16-inch clock tower.

This statue set… are you ready for it? This statue set was initially listed as $719.99, now it’s “just” $599.99… how generous. Not for everyone for sure.

Check Nightmare Before Christmas statue set by clicking below:

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