Tips For Collecting Action Figures – Part Three

by Jon

Customizing action figures

Red wheel among white wheels

Customizing your action figures

Many people love to customize action figures, and there are a lot of people who are really good at it. This is a hobby that is really fun and interesting, especially for those who collect action figures and other toys. There are so many things you can do with action figures, and so many different ways that they can be customized. When you customize action figures, you can let your imagination run wild, and you will end up with action figures that are like none others any where on the planet.

What Kind of Tools Do I Need To Customize Action Figures?

There will be a number of tools and materials you will want to keep on hand if you plan to do any amount of customizing on your action figures. For starters, you should have a sponge and water for cleaning any dirt off your figures. Once they are clean, you may need the following tools and supplies for creating new action figures:

    • Paints and paint brushes for painting faces and adding other little details
    • Wigs and hairpieces for your action figures
    • Small screwdrivers (such as the sets used for eyeglass repair)
    • Small hammer
    • Sandpaper
    • X-acto knife or other sharp blade
    • Dremel machine or other type of rotary tool
    • Glues, such as fast-drying epoxy and superglue
    • Rubber o-rings
    • Small elastic bands (for restring arms and legs)
    • Clothing
    • Accessories, such as weapons, vehicles, furnishings, etc.

Can I Buy Spare Body Parts?

This is probably one of the only times that you can ask this question and not get a really strange look. There are actually all kinds of places one can look for spare body parts. Online auctions, such as those on Ebay, often have heads, arms, legs and torsos available at really reasonable prices. You can buy these parts, and put together the action figure of your dreams.

Another way to get spare body parts is to start scouring second hand stores, flea markets and yard sales for used action figures. You can usually get used figures at these locations for really reasonable prices, so you won’t care about taking them apart and damaging them.

You can also buy broken figures, since you will only be using certain parts and accessories anyway. You may also want to ask your friends who have children to hang on to any broken or unwanted action figures, so you can use them to create new ones for your collection (you may even want to make one for the person who gave you the broken figures in the first place, just to say thank you, and to show off your customizing skills…you may even end up getting orders for customized figures to sell).

There are a number of things you will probably want to know if you plan on really getting into customizing action figures. There are loads of great resources available to you, including books (try your nearest book store or local library for loads of great books on collecting and customizing action figures), collecting specialty magazines, and there is plenty of information on the Internet.

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