Toy Story 3 peek with Mr. Pricklepants

by Jon

Toy Story 3 new sneeky peeky with Mr. Pricklepants

The 3rd edition of Toy Story is coming to town in 6 months time, and as time goes by Pixar reveals just a bit more to spark out interested.

Andy is all grown up and is heading to college, so the toys, the gang, is sent to a daycare center, where they’re put alongside other toys and at a mercy of, gulp, little children. They’re in for a treat alright…

Check out the clip below, being introduced by Toy Story 3′s director, Lee Unkrich, a glimpse at Mr. Pricklepants and a bunch of other stuff check it out.

And here’s an extended clip:

And the official trailer while I’m at it. Endure this girl’s voice for the trailer coming next:

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