Toymaker accused of knowingly selling lead paint-tainted toys

by Jon

Lead toys measure deviceThe U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that Schylling Associates, a toymaker that makes toys like Curious George and Thomas & Friends, agreed to pay a $200,000 penalty for knowingly releasind and selling thousands of toys that had lead paint levels that were above of what stated in federal law.

The toys were released and sold into the market through years 2001 to 2003 but they were not reported to the US government as is required by law until 2007, year when they were recalled.

When they were recalled Schylling Associates’ president said the Chinese company that was producing these toys informed Schylling of positive test on lead levels of the toys being created and said the tainted toys would not be shipped to the United States or be distributed at all. The president said he was surprised when they discovered that the toys that were already on the market had lead paint. Which also doesn’t explain why it took 4 years, from 2003 to 2007, to recall the toys from the market.

$200,000 seems a small penalty for a few years of selling toys and profiting on illegal terms for what the company was able to profit in the meantime.

The lead level limit was set in 1978. Companies would have to produce toys that did not go over the specified lead level. This lead level was lowered a lot from last year, probably as a result of new studies showing the negative effects lead has on children. When you realize that kids put toys in their mouth and even chew on them it starts getting a little bit serious if lead can be dangerous at some higher levels.

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