Toys ‘R’ Us covered pregnant woman’s ticket

by Jon

Toys ‘R’ US has paid a $300 ticked Niki Goldfarb has received April last year for parking in a regular parking space, while she though she was on one for pregnant women/disabled.

At the time of when she received a ticked, Goldfarb was 6 months pregnant of twin girls, she’s now a mother of three.

Even though the space had a vertical sign for the disabled only, the symbol on the ground was that of a pregnant woman. Thinking the two signs meant the same she went ahead and just left the car there, being later issued a ticket.

She went to court defending her point of view but the court found her guilty, ruling that a posted sign (upright signs) have more priority than the pavement markings on the asphalt, which happens by the way because symbols on asphalt may be worn out or not visible, or may be covered by snow. If the signs were reversed, Goldfarb could have parked there.

The mixup could be very well unintentional as the woman said, after she got the ticket, that she found a photo taken with her cellphone that could explain the confusion. Apparently the disabled only sign was usually on another, different area, but due to a toy display held by Toys ‘R’ Us it was moved to the location where she parked her car. Later the sign was moved again back to its original position.

Liz MacDonald, Toys ‘R’ Us spokeswoman, said it has informed all the other 68 other stores in Canada so the situation can’t repeat itself. And the woman was happy that the company displayed such a gesture, but says she will probably try to appeal her case.

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