Transformers figures more than meets the eye

by Jon

Transformers Bumblebee action figure statue

Transformers Bumblebee action figure statue in Australia

Transformers action figures – Robots in Disguise

When you were a kid, you probably had all kinds of really great toys that you wish you still had, including all kinds of really cool toys from the Transformers cartoon series. Some of the Transformers toys and action figures are now considered to be highly collectible, and worth a heck of a lot of money too. This was an incredibly popular cartoon, which even spawned a couple of box office hits in recent years, sparking Transformers collectors to add even more toys to their collections.

In The Beginning

Did you know that the very first Transformers toys were actually just new versions of a Japanese toy line that were re-painted. Hasbro introduced the Transformers line of toys, which transformed from robots to cars or trucks and back to robots again, and launched a whole new world of characters, which turned into an extremely popular cartoon series that was written by Dennis O’Neil and Jim Shooter. The Transformers became so popular that there was even a popular animated movie, as well as two Gobots animated movies. Once Transformers hit the scenes, there were all kinds of other lines of robot-themed toys and action figures, although none of them ever reached the popularity of the Transformers.

How to Start Collecting Transformers Action Figures and Toys

Just like with any type of collection, if you want to start collecting Transformers figures and toys, you should probably learn about the genre. If you are already a fan of Transformers, then you are well on your way, but even if you are a fan of the cartoons and movies, you may still need to learn a bit about how to get the best deals on the best toys. One way to do this is to start joining collectors groups and online forums. These are great places to meet other Transformers collectors, and learn the things you need to know to get your collection started. For instance, you may be wondering if certain figures are more rare and valuable than others, and asking other collectors is a great way to find out. Some of the Transformers toys and figures that you will definitely want to have in your collection include:

    • Megatron, vintage and new • The Bumblebee Voice Mixer Helmet
    • Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, vintage and new
    • Mr. Potato Head version of the main Autobot, Optomash Prime.
    • Sideswipe

Anyone who is really serious about collecting Transformers figures, or any other type of collection, will try to get the newest collectors’ books that have all of the Transformers toys and their values. Because the values of many toys go up and down all the time, there are also periodicals collectors can get, which have all of the latest, most up-to-date information about the toys.

Don’t just stick to retro Transformers toys. Due to the popularity of the movies, there are all kinds of really awesome Transformers figures and other toys that are on the market right now, and because they are new, you can usually get them for pretty good prices. In fact, most department and toy stores put a lot of these toys on sale periodically, so you can get them really cheaply sometimes.

Remember, the most important thing about collecting Transformers figures and toys, or any other type of toys, is to just have fun with it. Relive a part of your youth, and enjoy sharing your love of Transformers with your kids.

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  • playmobil knights

    This post is very informative, you have lots of trivia about transformers. That action figure statue was really huge, I envy that kid, I hope I could see that also for real.

  • Caroline Zhou

    this is a very useful post ! i’ve learnt so much new knowledge from you post! thanks so much.

  • Caroline Zhou

    this is a very useful post ! i’ve learnt so much new knowledge from you post! thanks so much.

  • Warhammer Empire

    Take good care of your action figure collection. It takes very little time, and will help your collection last longer, making for nice displays and maintaining their collectible value. One way is to 
    Keep your figures displayed in an area where no direct sunlight can reach them. If they’re displayed on a bookshelf or display case, make sure they are set in an area of the room farthest from any windows that allow in a lot of sunlight.

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