Triple H shows his action figure at New York’s Toy Fair 2010

by Jon

I previously talked about how Mattel and WWE were launching a new toy line. So here I have Triple H holding his brand action figure below, one included in the first line being released by Mattel in a joint venture with WWE Entertainment, from which several of those action figures are bound to be sold to public later this year, in Fall 2010. The action figures are currently being showcased at this year’s Toy Fair in New York.

The premise, according to the big shot of Mattel Brands, Neil Friedman, is that these figures are suited for both collectors and kids (really? who would have known). He says collectors will appreciate the attention to detail and that kids will love the new FlexForce concept being employed in these action figure lines.

They, Mattel and WWE, consider this the biggest undertaking (heh…) representing the WWE universe of characters. WWE action figures have hit the shelves on January 2010 and they’re here to stay, at least for a while, because the basic action figure single packs are being released every month, while the two-packs and the Elite figures will come out every other month. There’s also a plethora of accessories like the “Superstar Rings, Championship Belts, Ring Action Megaphone and motion-activated Tough Talkers™ that deliver WWE Superstar catch phrases and striking sounds” (taken from the article).

Triple H showcasing his WWE action figure

Triple H showcasing his WWE action figure

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