Tsundero Yuuka Yoshii Statue

by Jon

Tsundero Yuuka Yoshii statue based on the manga by Hiromitsu

Tsundero Yuuka Yoshii statue

Yuuka Yoshii is a 6 inches resin statue from the Tsundero manga created by Hiromitsu. Her pose is based on the original Hiromitsu illustration and shown as accurate as possible to his art.

Polyresin was used to create the smooth and life like skin tone Yuuka is showing off, along with her almost transparent (and pretty small too I should add) outfit, which is basically a bikini, a scarf and her hat… tough lady. Her clothes were also made with the resin, it’s said to improve its longevity (good one if you’re considering this an investment).

Tsundero Yuuka Yoshii Statue
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Tsundero Yuuka Yoshii

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