Twitter for dogs – Puppy Tweets

by Jon

Mattel's Puppy Tweets

Puppy Tweets - You attach the sensor (on the upper left) on the dog's collar, and the USB pen (lower right) on your PC. You then download the software online and create your dog's Twitter account.

Yep, Twitter for dogs. Mattel has been developing and is going to release Puppy Tweets, a “high-tech” device that tweets dogs activities through a sound and motion sensor. And I put it in quotes for a reason, and I’ll explain it why in a moment.

The sensor, or tag, is attached to the collar and it’s triggered by sounds or movements that get tweeted randomly trough one of any of the 500 built-in canned tweets. This means he could be barking at the neighbour’s cat and the tweet says “I bark because I miss you”.

That’s not really high-tech since it’s not an accurate representation of what is happening with your best friend. So don’t get too happy with the idea of having your own talking “Doug” from Pixar’s “Up”. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

This is Mattel’s first venture into the pet niche market, and they have plenty of other “innovations” being released this year. I couldn’t resist the quotes… maybe I’m being a bit mean, I know Mattel is the number one toy maker and they’ve got some interesting other stuff going on, like the Hot Wheels Stealth Rides.

It’s one of those wild bets executives get together and decide to go ahead with, but it may prove to some fruition. I think this one of the things that will get old quickly. There’s so many ways you can tweet 500 canned lines, and since it’s random, a lot of them are bound to be repeated.

So, the tag/sensor is attached to the dog’s collar. This is the sending device. The receiving device is a USB pen like device that you’ll insert in your PC so it can receive and publish the tweets. In order to do so you’ll first need to download the product’s software online and then create the Twitter account, but that’s basically it. You won’t be able to do re-tweets off of other users and the likes. So there you have it, the Puppy Tweets.

There are some mixed feelings on this one and I’ve expressed my view already on this post. You can read some more about it here:,0,1621222.story

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