WWE and Mattel launching new Toy Line

by Jon

WWE and Mattel to join forces

Yep, that’s right, WWE and Mattel are going to join forces and launch a toy line worldwide. Mattel is going to make and distribute WWE’s action figures line and accessories.

Strange mix? Not really, this line has action figures and toys for both kids and ‘serious’ collectors such as ourselves. The action figures will have flex loaded arms and legs to be able to do those trademark moves of guys like Mysterion, John Cena, and others.

According to Tim Kilpin, general manager of Mattel Brands, they are excited to work WWE as they are a worldwide hit and major entertainment brand. Donna Goldsmith, COO, WWE, said that they were happy with the joint venture with Mattel because they will be producing the most advanced and realistis WWE action figures and a whole plethora of accessories available to fans and collectors. He also complimented on Mattel’s good market research and the ability to know what kids and collectors want.

It looks like Mattel is really trying to push the limite here. They have this “Superstar Scale” that makes for recognizing the differences in height, weight and size among all WWE stars from the Undertaker to Rey Mysterio. Mattel features an elite line called the Elite Collection, made with the utmost precision. This line also comes with a stand and a name card.

The basic figures will be released in single packs every month, while 2-packs and action figures of the Elite Collection will come out every other month. All these figures and accessories (Championship Belts, Superstar Rings, Ring Action Megaphones, Though Talker and others) will also be available in WWE events.

Here’s some pics for you, including an Elite Edge.

Mattel and WWE action figures

Edge of Elite Collection from Mattel and WWE

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