How To Make The Most Of A Child’s Small Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is not only a space to sleep. Kids also do almost all their activities in their room. This is a sanctuary for them to play, draw, sing, and others.

Most often, their rooms will be easily filled with toys and other things that they constantly use. This can be a problem when only a small space is available because a child needs adequate amounts of floor space to do their activities well. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of a child’s small bedroom.

Consider Using A Futon For A Bed

A futon is a quilted mattress that can be placed on a floor to use as a place to sleep in. These are very famous in Japan due to its minimalistic and space-saving qualities.

A futon can help maximize the space of a room because a person can just roll it up and place it in storage when it is not in use. This frees the floor space it occupied, making the room feel more spacious when a child wants to play or do other activities.

It has come a long way since they are created. There are many kinds available in the market today that can suit the needs of a child. For a softer bed, parents can choose a fluffed futon so that their child will feel like he is sleeping on clouds.

Opt For Vertical Storage

Most children like to keep their things inside their room. Without practical storage, this can get out of hand and may take up a lot of space. For small bedrooms, it is best to utilize vertical storage. To do this, you can put up hanging cabinets or hanging shelves in the walls. You can provide a stool for the child to step on if he still finds it difficult to reach the shelves.

Make A Foldable Built-in Table

Placing a traditional table can cover a lot of floor space. You can have a built-in table installed on one of the walls of your child’s bedroom. Make it a foldable type so that whenever it is not in use, the child can just simply fold it and hook it into place in the wall. This gives more space for your child’s bedroom.

Use Light Colors

The kind of colors you will choose will affect how spacious the room feels. Dark shades will make the room look smaller than it is. Light ones will make it bigger. You can choose a pastel or light version of the favorite color of your child and paint the room in this shade.

Install Mirrors

Placing mirrors in a small room can make it look bigger. This is because mirrors will reflect the light that goes into the room, making it brighter. In addition, it will also create the illusion of a bigger space by showing a reflection of the room.

Keep The Ceiling High

Having a high ceiling can make up for the small floor space. This diverts the eyes from focusing on how wide the room is towards its height. This eliminates the feeling of a cramped room.

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